Sóller Botanic Garden

Balearic Flora

M1 Plants from torrent beds and shady mountainsides

This terrace is amongst the shadiest in the Garden. This is the reason we have placed in it species that require humid and shady conditions for their survival. These are plants which grow in the beds and mouths of torrents, as well as in the shaded slopes of the highest mountains, where cool conditions persist throughout the hottest periods of our Mediterranean summer.

We will like to draw attention to the species that live in torrent bed such as the Chaste Tree, Vitex agnus-castus, which can be found at the mouths of some of the torrents of the Serra de Tramuntana, in the Mountains of Llevant or on the shores of Menorca; to the oleander, Nerium oleander, which in the Balearic Islands only grows naturally in the torrent at Santa Eaulària in Ibiza; to the Coriaria myrtifolia, also a characteristic species of the torrents of Ibiza; to the Hypericum hircinum subsp. cambessedesii, a Majorcan endemism which can only be found on the coolest shadiest torrent beds in the Serra de Tramuntana, etc.

In such settings it is common to see thick intertwined brambles and vines of blackberries, Rubus ulmifolius, wild roses, Rosa sp., Rubia peregrina, Black Byrony Tamus communis, Periwinkle Vinca difformis.

Even if there are no true coastal forests in the islands, there are a certain varieties of trees that live by torrents so the roots can tap the water table. Poplars Populus alba, narrow leaved ash, Fraxinus angustifolia, and elms, Ulmus minor, together form a curious and well adapted communities in spite of the fact that they were probably introduced in the Balearic Island by man.