Sóller Botanic Garden

Balearic Flora

M2 Plants from rocky shores

The plant species on the rocky shores have adapted over time to live in nooks and crannies in cliffs where typically the air is salty and winds blow off the sea.

Near sea level, salt is carried by winds as sea spray and constantly deposited on the shore. Plants living in this zone have to endure the high salt content of both the soil and the air. Among the plants growing in this areas you can find rock samphire, saltwort, Launaea cervicornis, or Senecio rodriguezii.

In cliffs and plateaus exposed to high winds, where salt is not so prevalent, we find communities of spiny cushions. Their rounded compact shapes diminishes the surface area exposed to the wind, and helps prevent water loss through transpiration. The spines protect them against herbivore predators.