Sóller Botanic Garden

Balearic Flora

Consisting of the majority of Balearic wild flowers, with special attention paid to endemic species, those from micro areas and those in danger extinction. The plants are divided into six well-defined areas, according to their ecological needs.

M1- Plants from torrent beds or that grow on the cool side of mountains.

M2- Coastal zone plants: rock plants that grow on cliffs and land near the sea.  

M3- Reserve Collection:  endangered taxa and those special interest.  

M4- Oak forest flora: area representing the evergreen-oak forests and shady places of the higher parts of the islands.

M5- Mountain flora: area showing the highest peaks of the Balearic Islands, complemented by a collection of rock and fissure-loving plants, an another collection of species that grow in scrub areas with rosemary and thyme.

M6- Fresh water flora: this is divided into two areas: one of species that grow in damp and shady environments and another of species that thrive on dunes an beaches.