Do you like plants?

Becoming a Collaborating Member of Sóller Botanic Garden may be of great use to you.

Should you already have a garden, vegetable patch or plot of land, and are fond of botany, why not become a member of Sóller Botanic Garden (Jardí Botànic de Sóller -JBS). You’ll be able to take advantage of its organisation, its facilities, and the host of services that this institution offers

Three goals for a final challenge

  • To make the JBS self-financing and to guarantee its survival.
  • To create a meeting place that makes it useful for the public as a whole.
  • To guarantee the survival of our Plant Heritage.

For all of this...

  • If you feel you have a commitment to the Environment...
  • If you are worried about climate change...
  • If you want to contribute to maintaining Biodiversity...

Categories of Collaborating Members and their rights

Card-carrying Collaborating Members


Volunteer Members

Guardian Members


Members of Honour

Benefactor Company


Project Sponsor