Sóller Botanic Garden


What should not be put in the compost heap


 Bones, meat and fish

These are difficult to decompose and can attract flies and cause bad smells.




These contain contaminating metals that accumulate in the soil.



Metal, plastic and glass

These are not biodegradable.


Cigarette ends and ash

These are toxic.



      Oils and chemical products
Substances such as turpentine, paint, etc. are toxic and dangerous and should be disposed of in the correct places.




This high quality paper contains lead and cadmium and should be placed in the paper container for recycling.




Mites and other organisms that could cause poor decomposition.



                            Newspapers and cardboard

Can only be used in small amounts if the compost is to be used on the garden. Not suitable for market garden or orchard use, as the ink contains chemical residues.


Domestic animal faeces

From cats and dogs, for example. These can transmit diseases.